Saturday, May 8, 2010

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization by Grow Clicks

Benefits of Organic SEO

Through increased website traffic & online sales with lower cost-per-lead & a solid sales model you can bank on us to be your online salesforce.

Increases in Your Sales

Organic Search Engine Optimization is used to improve search engine ranking protocol of a web-site for important & relevant keywords. As the rank of the web-site on Google increases, so does the traffic of users searching for those particular keywords which are related to your services/products.

Increase in Targeted Traffic

Natural SEO means increase usability and higher traffic , sales from a web-site are bound to increase.

Dedicated SEO consultant

Our targeted organic search engine optimisation has time & again proven to be give more return on investment than online ads & PPC. Most companies don't budget the amount of traffic you get. We have produced sales & leads at an astounding rate for all of our clients. Our main objective is to get your site the most traffic for your money.

Less Overhead than a Full Salesperson

You won't be shelling out for workmans compensation, health insurance, holiday time, sick days or all the associated head aches. We do not make any commissions. You pay only for our performance with no hidden contract. We can offer weekly & monthly agreements that will fit your schedule.

Long Term Results

Search Engines reward sites which are properly optimized. This is sharp contrast to other modes of web promotion like PPC which lasts as long as the budget lasts.

Targeted Traffic

Any company can tell you they'll get top ranks in google & other search Engines through Organic SEO. Web-sites having high ranks are perceived to be industry leaders by people. However, we get you top rankings for keywords that will get you business!


Wonderful results in as little as thirty days. Most other SEO specialists take at least 4 to 6 months before achieving results. Our speedy turnaround time maximizes your promotion dollar by producing leads & sales faster than most other firms.

Flexible Billing

We boast very flexible billing options for your business. No expensive deposits, contracts, & longterm commitments. Grow Clicks offers every week & every month designs to fit any budget from a new company or an establishing company wishing to expand or offer new products.

Brand Building

Grow Clicks only focuses on the locations you wish to market your product or service in. No more wasting money on placing traditional media ads in areas you don't service.


We are hands on with our approach. All work is completed by us within the USA.

Tax Benefits

Every program is 100% tax-deductible.